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Self catering holiday vacation rentals in France and Corsica - Book direct and save money

Don't risk leaving your holiday home rental property empty this year

Advertise your self catering holiday home in France and Corsica and Maximise your Holiday Lettings with a Free advertisement here on our French language site when you pay to advertise it on (if the property is in the South of France we will also list it for Free on our regional site cotedazur - click on logo for Details - No Commission or booking fees for owners or renters only costs £12.50 for ONE YEAR!including UK VAT. / or € or $ equivallent

the low cost villa advertising service

Frequently Asked Questions taken from advertising page

  • How much does it cost to advertise? is a very efficient low cost way of marketing your holiday vacation home property. The annual cost is only £12.50 including VAT (or local currency equivalent) is a lot less than it would be to advertise in a specialist magazine or in a newspaper for ONE MONTH! The advertisement will be there all year and unlike magazine or newspaper advertising you have a world wide market. We have thousands of visitors to the site each month.

  • How can I Pay? You can pay on line by credit card via Pay Pal. The amount equivalent to the advertising fee in local currency is debited to your Credit / bank debit card. Visa - Mastercard - (American Express & Diners Club are not accepted). As soon as we know the payment has been made and the contents manually checked, your details go live. (You can pay for longer periods e.g 2 years, 3 years and up to 5 years)

  • How will I be invoiced? Once we have received your payment we send by email attachment a receipted Invoice.

  • How long does the advertisement run for? The advertisement will run for twelve months and we will contact you towards the end of the period so it can be easily renewed. You can renew the advertisement again by credit card / bank card payment. You can of course pay for up to 5 years advertising initially or when you renew an advertisement.

  • Will the advertisement go live as soon as I submit it? As it has to be checked initially by the the administrators, it will not go live immediately, particularly if it is submitted over a weekend, public holiday or during an evening. We will endeavour to put your ad live as quickly as possible and email a VAT receipt. The period of advertising will start from when the advertisement goes live. However if an advertiser pays, but does not submit his or her details, the period of advertising will start as soon as the receipted invoice is prepared.

  • Will the advertisement be automatically renewed and my credit / debit bank card be debiited ?The advertisement will not be automatically renewed. We use Secure Trading and HCBC Bank to process the payments on line and the payment system we have on is not automated to take payments from you without your knowledge every year. We know that some sites use this process, but we do not. You can renew the advertisement yourself by going into the owners section and supplying your credit / bank card details as you would have done with your initial advertisement payment. You can renew for up to five years if you prefer.

  • How do I know if people are enquiring about my property? You will automatically be emailed enquiries. We keep your email address hidden on the site to prevent the address being added to organisations wanting to add you to spam mailing lists. You can also access the Statistics section in the Owners area that will show the number of visits each month to your property page on the website and also to your own personal website if you have added the details.

  • PLEASE NOTE: If you have your my own website and a visitor goes into your website to make an enquiry, you will not receive a copy email from The fact that someone has accessed your website will show up on the statistics page. Some clients have advised that they have never received an enquiry and they have, the person making the enquiry has not used the contact page on the advertisement page, but contacted the advertiser through their own web site that they have followed the link to. Many advertisers include a telephone number and are contacted that way and naturally jmlvillas cannot provide any tracking in that case.

  • I see on the Statistics that I have received a number of enquiries, but I have not actually received those enquiries - Why would that happen? Your computer might interpret email as spam and you should try a test email to see if this is the case and then modify your computer to allow emails from the email system to be received. Please do not contact for technical support on this issue, but your email provider. Please note if you have AOL,it can sometimes be difficult at receiving emails

  • How many properties can I advertise? When you first register you can pay for as many as you like at £12.50 (or local currency equivalent).

  • Can I pay for more than one years advertising? Yes, you can pay for more than one years advertising - longer periods e.g 2 years, 3 years and up to 5 years)

  • I have my own website — can I have a live link? Yes, you certainly can have one. As many people now have their own personal website for their property, a live hyperlink goes to your site and you will be able to establish statistics of the unique traffic that is going to your site from the jmlvillas site - Please ensure that the correct web address for your site is listed and check the link from time to time on your property page on

  • How many photos can I use and how do I load them? You can have Six photos displayed and change them whenever you like. You load them from your computer and they are automatically re-sized to fit the advertisement page ,however you should reduce them to 800 pixels wide to upload fast. Click Here for our guide

  • What price should I charge? Keep your property’s price competitive. Check out the local competition. If your price is not competitive you will not receive the bookings. Remember to keep your prices updated on the site.

  • How do I change the details for my property once I have advertised it? You can change the prices, photos and availability details by using your exclusive login code.. From experience we have found that clients need to change the prices as a result of seasonal activity and find they want to change the photos. They should also keep availability details up to date and even if you are only half way through the year, keep the prices and availability details showing for at least the next 8 months ahead.

  • I have never let my property before — can you give me some advice? In case you have never let your holiday property out before, we have produced some very useful Information for Property Owners. This information is also very useful if you have been letting for a while and might not have considered all of the details on our check list.

  • Can I view my draft advertisement before I pay? No you are not able to do this. You can look at other advertisers advertisements to have an idea of what your ad will look like and once you have paid you can change it as often as you like, including replacing the six photos. We do suggest that you put details about the local area the property is located in as well as a good drescription of your property. This will help let it better.

  • How do I avoid RENTAL SCAMS IN HOLIDAY RENTAL HOMES? For more information, see our comprehensive guide to avoiding rental scams.

  • There are now many sites that I can use to market my property, Why should I choose We have been in the Internet Holiday Home marketing businness since 2001. We are part of an company that was established in 1979, and do not only rely 100% on the Internet to find clients for your property. We advertise on Google and have 7 other holiday travel sites to bring in traffic, and also advertise the brand in several paid for travel related magazines.This means people wanting to rent your property will find us. For further information visit About Us and at AVERTISING CAMPAIGN

  • I have heard that some sites are happy to take your money and then not display your advertisement. Is this true? We can not advise on this topic, however one of our clients has informed us of a situation in 2006 and we have added the infomation at Click here

  • Does charge a booking fee to property owners or clients renting? We do not charge any booking fees. Some web sites offer free advertising then charge a booking fee of 10% or 15% of the rental. At we only charge the advertiser the £12.50 per year, per property advertising fee.

  • When someone is looking for a property to rent how do they find my property? They will either use the Index of countries on the left hand menu or the Advanced Search facility. Either way it is most important that you list your property in the correct location. If your property is in the Costa Blanca and you list it in Andalucia it won't easily be found by a manual search or through the advanced search facility Please ensure the property is in the correct location You can of course change this anytime you want be using your own login access code.

  • My property is not showing up in my region. You must make sure youself as an advertiser it is located in the correct region. If it is not in the correct region / area it will not come up in local searches. You the advertiser can do this yourself when you login. We do not move properties.

  • You do not list the Region my property is located in. No problem with that. We can certainly add more regions to a country.

  • I Have a property in a country that you do not have listed on the site. There is no problem there. We can add the country and particular region/area. We will then add information about the country and build up some web links as well. Although we have been targeting European holiday destinations and have now started covering Africa in addition, so we can easily add destinations in other continents as well.

  • Additional FREE Advertising on certain sites jml Property Services run a selection of complimentary sites to driving traffic to the main site. Some of these sites will advertise a property FREE OF CHARGE, providing you have paid for the usual ad on The sites currently used are english cottage - (England) - scottish cottage (Scotland) - welsh cottage ( Wales) - villa rental (France and Corsica) and cote dazur (South of France) and (French language site). We also run and that do not offer free advertising.


To find out more about advertising, take a look at our advertising campaign.

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